Year End Athlete Q&A Show With Coach Rob and Coach Kelli

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Coach Kelli and Coach Rob are on the No Fat November Athlete Q and A, together! On this end of the year, Athlete Q&A show we talk about our favorite aspects of our efforts to bring you No Fat November. We also answer athletes questions and give some training and nutrition advice along the way.

  • What medical tests do and don’t provide much insight into how to better train
  • Medical tests that may help you improve your athletic performance
  • How to work with a Dr to help you as an athlete
  • What are some of the most misunderstood aspects of weight loss
  • How eating more when you need it will improve an athlete’s weight loss
  • Is there a magic weight loss ratio for protecting or improving power to weight ratios
  • Making sacrifices to maintain or get to race weight
  • Rob and Kelli help an XC-MTB with how to train in the off-season
  • Coach Kelli talks about XC-Skiing up hills
  • Is CrossFit appropriate for competitive endurance athletes
  • Ways and when to develop explosive power

NOTE: If you are not familiar with concepts such Training Factors and how you may be able to employ them in your training please check out this article series. If you are not familiar Periodized Training please check out this article series. Still not familiar with training Zones, then check out this article series to learn more about training zones.

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