The dos and don’ts of running for cyclists x-training

If you are approaching your off-season or are about to transition from one sport to another you may be familiar with the concept of X-training (Cross Training). Do not confuse this with Cross-Fit or CX Training! X-training is simply another healthy low-intensity activity. Cyclists will likely want to look at running, hiking, swimming and even returning to the weight room … Read More

Rest and recovery the new transition

It’s that time of the year where athletes are winding down their season. I have some athletes transitioning to longer runs, Cyclocross, cross-country skiing and trail running.  While most of these athletes will say they are cyclists or multisport athletes they are all endurance athletes. So in that odd space between the end of one season and the beginning of … Read More

Off-Season Fun For Cyclists

At the beginning of the off-season it’s very important to stay active but away from the demands of training. Primarily for the concerns of over training. I look forward to this time as it gives me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and quit worrying about the demands of training and racing commitments. I take about 2-4 weeks away from … Read More