Getting More From your Coach – 10 Lessons Learned…

I have been fortunate to coach a cross section of athletes in the few seasons I have been a coach. When working with Recreational and competitive cyclists, runners and multisport athletes I have witnessed a pattern of behaviors that has lead me to change how I coach from time to time. I have been pondering why these behaviors and actions … Read More

Writing a great race report

It is very important to log and document your training activities as a serious athlete. What do I mean by a serious athlete? Athletes who are using structure in there training to make improvements in their physical performance are how I define a serious athlete. So if you are a recreational rider, event rider, racer, runner, or triathlete who is … Read More

Tip: Are you still taking supplements?

Punishing training mental fatigue and familial edginess are all part of being a competitive cyclist. Especially at the end of the season. So we take the month of October off from competing and training and begin the off season.

Tip: Work the junk out of your neck

Find yourself wincing at the idea of a long ride again? If you find your neck sore or stiff at the end of a ride or worse yet during a ride try these tips.