Nutrition Tuesday’s – My 3 Favorite Chocolate-Rich Treats

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This time of year, as my sometimes over-scheduled Holiday plans ramp up, the weather cools, sunlight hours decrease, and I’m in-between my favorite sports (too much snow and cold for mountain biking but not yet enough for AT skiing – it’s a hard-knock life, I know), sometimes I need a little homemade pick-me-up. As in chocolate…yes, some delicious chocolate recipes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting emotional eating or trying to solve problems (besides hunger and fueling needs) with food. But, you gotta eat, right? Why not eat something nourishing and DELICIOUS? Seems like exactly the right time for my 3 Favorite Chocolate-Rich Healthy Treats. Here’s the descriptions, the recipes, and how to include them in your meal plan in a healthy way: