Strength Training For Cyclists

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Coach Rob starts the week off with the second of 3 shows on specific strength training guidance for cyclists and it’s a big show! Get your notepad and pencil out.

With the combination of previous shows on periodization of strength training and today’s show on what workouts I give cyclists a cyclist could create their very own periodized strength training, plan!

Planning Your Strength Training

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This week Coach Rob covers the planning or the periodization of your strength training before he covers the specific weight training routines he prescribes to runners cyclists and multisport athletes.

In this show, Rob covers the phases of a Periodized Strength Training Program, How many reps and sets for each phase, Length of training phase, What each phase does for an athlete, Training Factors that can improve upon an athlete’s strengths and or weaknesses, How to determine how much you can and should lift, The importance of warming up and cooling down, and other strength training considerations. It’s an information packed show so get ready to take some notes.

Intro to Training Factors and Endurance

Regardless of the sports you participate in there are some physical fundamentals that many of us know about but may not recognize. Which of these physical fundamentals may be a strength or a performance limiter. Romanian sports scientist Dr. Tudor Bompa developed a useful schema called “The Training Factors Pyramid”. When combined with his philosophy of periodization of training, amazing … Read More

Do you know your training factors?

Last year I wrote a series of articles for a health magazine and have decided to re post them here starting this week. In the first series I went into great depth of what training factors are and covered each training factor and how they benefit cyclists using a structured/periodized training plan. Then I wrap up the whole article series … Read More

Preparing for your new racing season Pt 2

In the last article “What goes into developing a training plan” I outlined what all competitive athletes need to be thinking about, planning for and preparing for to have a great season on the bike. I listed several bullets of what needs to be done to prepare for planning. I am going to extend each bullet addin a summary of … Read More

Road Racing is an Investment in Time

Time is the biggest investment you can make in your training as a competitive or event cyclist. Learn how much time you should be spending and where before you waste your valuable investment.