Intermittent Fasting

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Coach Rob covers the concepts and the potential benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Can you the endurance athlete benefit from implementing an Intermittent Fasting pattern? Have a listen and learn if Intermittent Fasting is right for you. Oh yeah, it’s our Birthday too!

The “Odd Season” and Transition Timing

In terms of sports seasons we usually talk about the race season and the off-season but right now I am dealing with the odd season. The odd season is that time of the year when you are between your last major A/Priority event or race and the off-season. This can be a mentally and physically tough time of the year. … Read More

10 ways to make this your best off season

I was catching up with my sports nutrition coach, Kelli Jennings at Apex Nutrition, this week and I wrote about getting stuck in ruts and it inspired this article. I hope it helps you to make profound changes in your off-season! One quick reminder before I jump into this list I want to remind both competitive and recreational cyclists, runners … Read More