January Athlete Q&A

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We love question and answer shows. We learn so much from our athletes, readers and listeners. Below in the show notes are some of the questions that Coach Rob goes over on this show. We would love to have you send us even more questions for our next Q and A show at the end of the month. Send us a tough or interesting question and who knows we may do a whole show around it. Make it real interesting and we may even put you on the show!

Selecting the Right Aero Helmet

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Welcome to our first Bench Talk podcast. We are going to go ahead and jump into the deep end and start with our first subject rather than an introduction to the show. Coach Rob is going to talk about Selecting the Right Aero Helmet. Coach Rob goes into great detail on the pros and cons of the various styles aero helmets.

Improving cycling cadence

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Improving cadence can be one of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your cycling performance. Lets talk about why fast cadence is important and what you can do to improve your cadence. We spin fast to improve our pedaling efficiency/economy What is meant by efficiency/economy? Won’t pedaling faster make my HR go up? What is an optimal cadence? How … Read More

Introducing the Endurance Quick Cast

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Coach Rob is back and pod casting!!!!! I have thought long and hard about producing another show. Producing a Podcast can be a very time consuming process but I felt that there was more to share on the subject of improving the performance of endurance athletes. I love cycling but Positive Performance Coaching is also about training endurance athletes. I … Read More

Preparing for your new racing season Pt 2

In the last article “What goes into developing a training plan” I outlined what all competitive athletes need to be thinking about, planning for and preparing for to have a great season on the bike. I listed several bullets of what needs to be done to prepare for planning. I am going to extend each bullet addin a summary of … Read More