Avoiding illness this season

I hate getting sick! I am pretty sure I am not alone. We endurance athletes are a funny bunch. We are more than willing to hammer for hours on end on the bike, run mile after mile, complete brick after brick and strength train like Olympic weight lifters without a complaint. Inevitably we all push our luck, get sick and … Read More

3 Lessons to becoming an efficient rider

Cyclist’s love their bikes and love to ride them everywhere. We ride in all kinds of weather and terrain. We ride in tours, expeditions and even races. Why? Because we love cycling, pushing ourselves and getting outside and rarely give thought to how we are actually riding our bike. What if I told you that you could become an even … Read More

Drafting – AKA: Free Speed

I thought I would cover a topic that one of my readers is interested in, drafting. Drafting is the process of riding behind someone in an effort to recover and or share the work.

A relaxed cyclist is a fast cyclist

Relaxation should be thought of as equal parts performance enhancer and recovery technique. So techniques such as the following can be used on and off the bike.

Tip: visualizing success

How do you prepare to succeed? I first write down what I want to accomplish usually a performance oriented goal. Then I take a day or so to let it sink in and read what I have written. Then I write how I think I can accomplish this goal. Then I write out a time table to reach the goal. … Read More

Other sites: Toolbox: Self-Hypnosis

I have mentioned on this blog several times that I have gained much of my experience by reading and practicing. This year I have flirted with gaining more knowledge. One is nutrition and the other is sports psychology that I find very interesting.