Bench Talk – All About Action Cameras

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There is no shortage of MFG choices and options today but why should an athlete even concern themselves with an action camera? As a coach and athlete, I have found action camera footage invaluable for many reasons. So let’s cover the Who, what, when, how where and why of action cameras on today’s Bench Talk.

Wet roads are no excuse for riding like a squirrel

On my way commute work this AM I was greeted with heavy rain and lots of puddles on the road. When I say commute I mean in the comfort of my truck not a bike. I probably hydroplaned a few times on the commute but nothing serious. This reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my athletes … Read More

Tip: Setting up a trainer room

Its getting darker out and colder. Whats a roadie to do? Break out the trainer and rollers. Love them or hate them trainers are a necessary part of the competitive cyclists life. Not only are trainers used in the colder months they are also used for a litany of other chores.