Preparing for your new racing season Pt 2

In the last article “What goes into developing a training plan” I outlined what all competitive athletes need to be thinking about, planning for and preparing for to have a great season on the bike. I listed several bullets of what needs to be done to prepare for planning. I am going to extend each bullet addin a summary of … Read More

Join a team I dare you!

Now you are asking yourself am I ready to be competitive? If you are asking yourself this type of question then you are at the very least ready to do some research.

Part 4 of 4: Supplementing for cycling performance?

In Part 3 of Supplementing for cycling performance I wrote about why a cyclist would want to supplement and who should supplement. I will cover in this post the questions How are supplements viewed by the drug agencies and What supplements to take. How are supplements viewed by the drug agencies? If you are an amateur racer in the USA … Read More